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Alexander Melokonyan
Short Biography

An Armenian contemporary artist, founer of a new direction in Visual Art, called "Military Art".
Was born in 1952 in Yerevan, Armenia. 
1968-1972 studyed at Department of Sculpture of the Art College.
Parallel to study he was involved in professional horse racing (equestrian) sports, became a candidate of Master of Sports (the second highest rank of a sportsman in the Soviet times). 
1973-1975 he served in the Border Guarding Corps of Soviet Army, and ended the service as a sergeant.   
In 1976-1981 studyed in the Department of Ceramics and Decorative Sculpture of Yerevan Art and Theater University.  
In 1977 he had his first personal exhibition in the University.
In 1977 he was the instructor of the horse battle scenes in the historical film “Mkhitar Sparapet”. 
After he started to be interested in the military history of ancient Armenia. 
In 1978 organized a horse tour around historical places of Armenia. 
In 1981, after graduating the Art University, in the Engineering University he organized an ethnographic theatrical and research horse expedition “Ayrudzi” through the regions of Armenia.  
In 1983 he organized a new horse group “Asparez” for making the tricks in the films.  
In 1986 he became a member of the Artists' Union of Armenia and participated in two Art Symposiums in Latvia.  
From 1985 to 1989 he took part in five international, twelve national and Soviet Union  exhibitions. His decorative sculptures are kept in many museums of former Soviet Union and Armenia. 
In 1989 was organized the School of Rescuers “Aspet” (Knight) and Alexander became the Deputy Director. The School established two training centers of Rock climbers and rescuers. 
When the war started on the borders of Armenia and Kharabakh he founded Special training and Consulting Group “Aspet” under his leadership.  
In 1992-1998 he was in army. Parallel to service he was involved in art and social life.
In 1989 he took part in several exhibitions of Art Association “Goyak”.
1994-2000 he took part in several international and republican actions of Avant-garde (Modern) Art. 
He has publications of Art-projects in five catalogues (three republican and two international).
 Since 1999 due to his health he was mainly involved in art and publication.  His articles were published in republican media and he participated in numerous TV programs on the problems of education in the marginal environment, the research of the modeling the formulas of new social and state thinking and the impact of artistic phenomena on this process.   
In 2000 he took part in two international art actions:  the Armenian-Austrian art project “Parallel Realities” in Yerevan (and in Vienna in 2001) and “Manifesta 3” in Slovenia. In 2001 among ten other artists from different countries he was invited to Trieste, Italy to make an installation dedicated to the meeting of Big Eight. 

Alexander Melkonyan died unexpectedly on February 2, in 2002 from heart attack.


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